Brakes are the most essential part on your car. Your brakes allow you to slow down, avoid accidents and save lives.

If you feel there is something wrong with your brakes, however small, bring your car to KW Motors and our team will inspect it for you.

What do I need to know about the Brakes on my car?


When you have a fault in the braking system of your car you may notice:

  • Noise when braking
  • Soft foot brake pedal
  • Steering shudder when braking
  • Brake warning light on the dashboard
  • Your call pulling to one side while braking

The most common causes of braking faults are:

  • Wear and tear
  • Accelerating quickly and braking heavily
  • Rodents eating wire on your car
  • Exposure to the elements like rain

If you feel that your car is not quite braking like it use to come in and see us for a free no obligation quote.


How long do brake repairs take?
Depending on the type of repair from 1 hour to a few days.

Can I get a free courtesy car?.

How much does it cost to replace the brake pads on my car?.
Currently we replace a pair, either front or rear, brakes pads and machine your brake rotors for a special price of $195.

Do you need to machine the brake ro-tors on my car?.
Yes, so that your brakes work effectively with-out any odd noises and shuddering.

Why is the ABS light on the dashboard?.
There is a fault with the braking system on your car. We need to scan your car to check the fault.

How much does it cost to scan my car for the ABS light?
The diagnostic scan costs $46.